Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Coming. . .

General Conference Weekend is fast approaching. I am excited to have family visit from the Great White North. I am excited to get pictures taken of my little Sweet Pea. I'm excited to hear some spiritually uplifting speeches. I'm stoked for Navajo Tacos.

I'm not sure who is my favorite to listen to. (you know ya'll have a favorite. . . don't lie) It was President Hinckley. (I know, it feels like the easy choice, but I really liked how he ALWAYS told us how it was. No sugar coating) But now, I don't know. I really like to listen to Elder Bednar. That might be an easy choice too because I was at BYU-I when he was President. But I like to listen to him anyway.

I like the stories that we all hear. I guess that means I should like to listen to President Monson, but there is something about the way he talks that I don't love. So I would rather read his.

OH! I know who it is.

I love to listen to President Uchdorf.

He's so great. I relate well to his stories. Not that I was or ever will be a pilot, but I just understand well what he says.

I'm excited to hear from him.

Who are you excited to hear from?

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Tali said...

I like this post! I am excited for this weekend too. I will be disapointed though because I know the girls will make listening hard, and I know I can read it or listen and watch later, but its not the same to me. I get so excited though. I love to listen to elder Uchdorf too. He always tells stories and thats what I like. Pres, Monson does too but his always feel alot older or not so current I guess. Well any way thats why I like to listen to him. I also like to hear talks by others who are not as well known, and I feel I get to know them. I miss the days when my sisters and I would lay out on a blanket in the back yard and listen to it on a radio and write in our journals. Or if it was cold we would fall asleep in a big pile on the floor of the living room. have a good weekend.


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