Thursday, March 18, 2010

Progress to Success

I was feeling the ambitious bug today. He was itching. So, I thought that I would let you know how I was doing with my Progress to Success.

1. Lose 60 lbs.
weight on Jan 28th: 226
current weight: 195

total loss to date: 31 lbs Yeah I'm half way there.

2. watch less TV.

I haven't been watching ANY television during the day. I have been devoting my attention to my home and Sweat Pea.

3. Races
The 1st race scheduled:

Running With Angels
June 19th

This Book is Awesome. I highly recommend it.

4. FHE's
Still non-existent

5. Study Preach My Gospel
Still not happening.

6. Get Up -exercise -shower -get dressed
I currently Shower and get ready about 3x a week
My 1st Exercise Session was this morning at 6 am. It felt so wonderful to exercise again.

7. Play Outside with Baby
Still too Cold

8. Quilt
I haven't dreamt up what I my next quilt will look like

9. Sew curtains for my home
Haven't been able to buy the fabric. Later.

10. Read and Write More
I have been writing a whole lot more here on The Blog. It's been fun.
I'm reading. I don't know about "more". New Goal: Read 1 Book per month

11. Save Money

I'm still working on this one. I think I have figured it out. I will share later when I have more months under my belt.

(you can buy this piggy bank HERE)

I guess I better get to work. Lots to do.

1 comment:

Messie Leavitt said...

Hey if you ever want to compare budgets we have a way fun budget that helps us save a ton. Sounds like you may have already worked something out though but let us know.



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