Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day #5: Going To Bed Alone

It sounds so horrible when said like that. . . "going to bed alone." So isolated, so sad. Maybe that's why little kids hate it so much. I think I will stick to saying it's bed time.

My little Sweet Pea is wonderfully cute and smart. She has decided in the past two days that she wants to sleep on "mamma-dad's bed." I think she figures that if she sleeps on our bed, then we will lay next to her. I have held strong to her going to sleep in her own bed, though. She doesn't like that idea. She knows she has to go down by herself. However, bed time is getting faster with less crying. She is finished wimpering by the time she is on the bed. Yeah!!

October= Bed Times Alone
November= Toilet Training?? maybe.

We'll see how everything goes this month.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day #3 of a Fabulous Parenting Stepping Stone

I am one of those parents that really likes to cuddle my kids to sleep instead of helping them learn to go down peacefully on their own. Because of this practice, I have had a toddler who would NOT go to sleep without me or my Hubby lying next to her. This was okay in the beginning but developed into 1-1.5 hour put down times. It took SOOO long.

On Sunday, I was completely fed up with Sweet Pea. She was being very difficult and I had my Green Bean needing to be fed. So, I tucked her in, gave her sippy cup to her, and told my Sweet Pea that I was going to sit in the doorway while she went to sleep. She didn't like this idea, but after only a few minutes of me in the doorway, she calmed down and went right to sleep. Since then, I have been doing it every nap time and bed time. It's fantastic. She tells me I have to sit in the doorway now. I hope it continues to work. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Thing You Don't Have To Do After Having A Baby. . .

  1. shower every day
  2. keep your house spotless
  3. feed the rest of your family
  4. entertain your kids with something other than movies
  5. put your make up on
  6. do your hair
  7. put your folded laundry away
  8. get your other kids dressed
  9. remember to change your other diapered children
  10. snuggle with your Hubby. (too tired)


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