Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day #5: Going To Bed Alone

It sounds so horrible when said like that. . . "going to bed alone." So isolated, so sad. Maybe that's why little kids hate it so much. I think I will stick to saying it's bed time.

My little Sweet Pea is wonderfully cute and smart. She has decided in the past two days that she wants to sleep on "mamma-dad's bed." I think she figures that if she sleeps on our bed, then we will lay next to her. I have held strong to her going to sleep in her own bed, though. She doesn't like that idea. She knows she has to go down by herself. However, bed time is getting faster with less crying. She is finished wimpering by the time she is on the bed. Yeah!!

October= Bed Times Alone
November= Toilet Training?? maybe.

We'll see how everything goes this month.

1 comment:

kimmrs said...

Yeah for Sweet Pea!!!! I MISS HER and Green Bean. Love you guys!!!!! Have a good day.


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