Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Day After. . .

It's the day after my 30 days without Chocolate. It went way better than the first time I did this. (I was in High School then) There were a couple of days that were taxing, but overall it wasn't bad. What was hard was the peanut m&m's sitting in my cupboard. OH Man!!

Now My Hubby said I'm not allowed to do this again unless I have learned something and it was truly beneficial. (I just think he doesn't want to go through the pain again. He didn't HAve to participate if he didn't want to)

So, What have I learned?

  • that I'm not as addicted to chocolate as I thought.
  • that I really do like to have a sweet to follow my dinner (bad habit)
  • that peanut butter and banana really does curve the sweet tooth
  • that I CAN accomplish things I want to do even though many people think that it's STUPID.
  • Some chocolate treats are just not worth the moment on the lips.
  • I will be more selective when choosing my sweets
  • I HAS to be worth the time on the hips (at least until I can get back to running, then it HAS to be worth the extra miles)
  • I will do this again,
  • But not yet.
  • there IS life after chocolate.

It was worth challenging myself. I needed the reminded that I can do the things I want to. I'm strong in little ways.

What should my next challenge be?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Greener" Garbage

I consider myself a "go green" person. I'm not fanatical by any means. I try to find little ways that might save me money as well as save the earth. (this seems like a little waste of time since the oil spill. It's contaminating faster than I can help. Anyway. . .)

I have a bunch of reusable grocery bags. I do my best to remember to take them to the store. What I don't know is,

What do ya'll use for your small trash bags?

I would use the plastic grocery bags I got at the store. Then I don't have to buy any. If we all use reusable grocery bags, then what do we use for our trashes in our bedrooms, bathrooms and offices?

Just wondering.

Monday, May 24, 2010



At 4 Nuts in A Nutshell, Cat is putting on a challenge to peal ourselves out of our butt-formed computer chairs and improve our health. I'm joining in and hope you will too.

Don't worry it's not that many miles. Only 1.5 miles 6 days a week.


1.8 miles 5 days a week.

easy-shmeezy. Just walk or run it. You probably do close to that anyway. Get the whole family involved. You could make it a game. Go for a hike up the mountains. Go for a stroll along the beach. Just walk around your neighborhood. Train for your next race. Whatever it is, this will help improve your life. I promise.

Hope to hear your updates on 4 Nuts in a Nutshell.

Friday, May 21, 2010

It IS Possible

I'm packing all our clothes, books, blankets, sweatshirts, shoes, cookware, movies, crap, junk, STUFF. Getting ready to move. (It's amazing what you can pack into a very small apartment.) While pulling my clothes from the depths of my closet, I was getting all my "Skinny" clothes together. The whole time wishing that I was skinny again and NOT post pregnancy body. Anyway, I was admiring my clothes that I haven't worn in a WHOLE YEAR and found myself wondering,

"What is that smell?"

Oh yeah, it hadn't occurred to me that after a year my "skinny" clothes would smell like I was 75 years old. OH NO! It is possible to be in your mid-twenties and smell like an old person.

I will have to wash them all and pray the smell comes out.

Your prayer would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Don't you think that Wednesdays should be wacky? I'm thinking they should be.

Wacky Hair

Wacky Food

Wacky Clothes

Wacky Activities

Wacky Dancing


I'll start by using my first Wacky Wednesday for packing up my apartment with no real place to go. That's pretty "Wacky," don't you think?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day #22- Dying

I just might die.

When the little one is sleeping, and then all of a sudden SCREAMING and she wont wake up and look at me for 20 minutes and then cries for the next 20 while the bottle is heating and during the actual feeding, that's when you DESERVE chocolate.

I just might die without it.

I have this stellar Crazy Chocolate Cake (it's vegan) that is calling my name. I have all the ingredients. I could make it, ice it(it's not vegan after I ice it), and eat it all before the Hubby gets home.

Oh sounds so good.

Can I make it 8 more days???

I just might DIE!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


My Mom told my Brother, who just got back off his mission, that he had to talk to DAD about getting on the phone plan. My Brother said that he thought my Mom was in charge.

My Mom said,

"I reserve the right to be the Boss whenever I want."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day #16 - I Lied

I lied. Yesterday was easy until I hit dessert time after dinner. All I wanted was the peanut m&m's sitting on my shelf. I wanted chocolate cake.

It was tough.


Today was okay. I wanted something sweet all day, but not necessarily chocolate.

Any suggestions for a sweet snack that isn't too un-healthy?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day #15- No Chocolate

This No Chocolate thing is turning out easier than I thought it was going to turn out. I'm not craving it every waking minute of my life. Maybe I will be back to my old self?

Last night I did want some of the chocolate moose pie that Brick Oven brought out for my Brother's Birthday, but I survived. And had NONE.

Maybe I'll do it for longer?

Oh and this past weekend my other Brother and SIL (who have taken on the beautiful p90x) were exercising at my parents house. I couldn't stand it, I had to join in. I did almost 1/2 of the CORE workout. It felt AWESOME!! And I surprised myself, I CAN actually do the things I didn't think I could.

I was a little achy the rest of the weekend, but it was the good achy. I'm going to start again. I'm Stoked!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

You are my mother and I appreciate that about you!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crumbs in the Bathroom


I chuckle just thinking about this. I HAVE to share with you what happened a few weeks ago when the Missionaries were over for dinner.

There was a pretty normal missionary and then their was one that was obviously socially inept and made you just feel so bad for the other missionary.

Anyway, we had all finished dinner and the Missionaries were getting ready to leave when the socially awkward missionary asked if he could use the washroom. My Hubby was already standing to sooth Sweet Pea so he volunteered to show the missionary the washroom. To get to the washroom you have to walk through the kitchen. My Hubby grabbed a hot bun while passing the cooling rack and said,

"these rolls are so good."

The missionary totally agreed, grabbed a bun and said,

"these rolls ARE awesome. I think I will just eat one while I go."

Are you serious? Really? You'll eat one while you go. Okay. Glad you told us that you were going to be in the washroom for a long time and what you were going to enjoy doing. hehehehehe. WoW!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beauty Lesson #1



Tears streaming down the face

What is it about the nail clipping time that makes little ones freak out? Mine had a complete meltdown today. One that lasted 30 minutes after I finished cutting the nails. I don't usually snip the end of her fingers. I'm just that talented. And usually she doesn't freak out quite so bad.

However, today was extra difficult. I did really well in the beginning. I made it through 10 toes and 9 fingers.

2 Snips left.

1 out of 2. Good.

Last snip. . .

Oh No!

She jerked her hand at the last second.

Got it.

Her finger nail AND the end of her thumb.

Bleeding on mom's shirt.

I felt so bad. I don't want to inflict pain on my Sweet Pea. I guess we have to educate early. (3 months isn't too early is it?)

Lesson #1:
Pain is Beauty


What did you do to simplify the nail cutting process and to avoid painful endings?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Can I Get an AMEN?!

There is really nothing to add to this amazing post I just read at The Exponent.

You MUST to go read it.


Make A Difference May!

I thought I would follow the lead of my good friend Janet and make this month Make A Difference May. She posted HERE all about the amazing little angel that has made her life better, so I thought I would share as well.

I am a better person because I know you:

My Hubby has to put up with me everyday. He deserves a medal. Really, with everything I struggle with he has been wonderful. Helping me through everything, even if it is just to hold my hair back, tie my shoes, or listen to me scream at the car in front of me.

My Sweet Pea has only been here for a small amount of time, but has brought me such joy and understanding. She reminds me everyday to find joy in the little things.

My friend, Heather. She is an inspiration. A strong, intelligent, dedicated, beautiful, single mom. Did I mention strong?

These are just a few people that have made a difference in my life. There are too many to include here. It would take me months.

I hope you have had some wonderful people in your life. I would love to hear about them. Join in with Make a Difference May, then let me know in my comments that you did. I want to come see.


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