Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Greener" Garbage

I consider myself a "go green" person. I'm not fanatical by any means. I try to find little ways that might save me money as well as save the earth. (this seems like a little waste of time since the oil spill. It's contaminating faster than I can help. Anyway. . .)

I have a bunch of reusable grocery bags. I do my best to remember to take them to the store. What I don't know is,

What do ya'll use for your small trash bags?

I would use the plastic grocery bags I got at the store. Then I don't have to buy any. If we all use reusable grocery bags, then what do we use for our trashes in our bedrooms, bathrooms and offices?

Just wondering.


Mer said...

This is gonna sound weird, but technically, you don't need trash bags. They're a recent "necessity" people got sold on by excellent marketing. My grandma thought they were the silliest invention. I mean, I use them for my kitchen trash, but I don't bother for other rooms where I know there won't be major mess. I just dump the basket directly into the dumpster, then wipe it out and with a cloth and spray it with a disinfectant (like Clorox Anywhere spray, which is safe for kids or pets, or you can use vinegar as long as you let it air dry). I also spray my counters and other surfaces with it while I'm emptying the trash. Other than the kitchen trash and *some* bathroom trash, you aren't really dealing with major messy trash items. Smaller trash bags just aren't necessary.

I've never owned a diaper pail -- I either put diapers directly in the kitchen trash (which has a tight lid and goes out every night, anyway) or take them outside to the dumpster.

I do know a girl who made her own cloth trash bags that she rotates and washes with bleach every week... but I'm too lazy. I wipe and spray.

Mer said...

Oh -- and you can sew a couple of pieces of velcro and a strap onto reusable shopping bags to you can fold them up to wallet-size and keep them in your purse. They sell fancy bags like that for $$$, but if you can sew you can add it to the ones you already have. Once I did that, I stopped forgetting my bags and stopped getting mad about them taking up so much room.


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