Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Day After. . .

It's the day after my 30 days without Chocolate. It went way better than the first time I did this. (I was in High School then) There were a couple of days that were taxing, but overall it wasn't bad. What was hard was the peanut m&m's sitting in my cupboard. OH Man!!

Now My Hubby said I'm not allowed to do this again unless I have learned something and it was truly beneficial. (I just think he doesn't want to go through the pain again. He didn't HAve to participate if he didn't want to)

So, What have I learned?

  • that I'm not as addicted to chocolate as I thought.
  • that I really do like to have a sweet to follow my dinner (bad habit)
  • that peanut butter and banana really does curve the sweet tooth
  • that I CAN accomplish things I want to do even though many people think that it's STUPID.
  • Some chocolate treats are just not worth the moment on the lips.
  • I will be more selective when choosing my sweets
  • I HAS to be worth the time on the hips (at least until I can get back to running, then it HAS to be worth the extra miles)
  • I will do this again,
  • But not yet.
  • there IS life after chocolate.

It was worth challenging myself. I needed the reminded that I can do the things I want to. I'm strong in little ways.

What should my next challenge be?

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