Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Shelf

Everyone has a "shelf."  Most people don't know that they have one.  It's the place where we place things that don't seem quite right, but we convince ourselves that we are imagining it, or we can't change it.  So, we place it on our shelf for review later.  Most of the time "later" never comes. 

Mormons also have a shelf.  Most do not know it exists.  This shelf holds different things for different people, all with differing excuses as to why this problem should be ignored.  Here are some examples that I have collected from myself and other Mormons and ex-Mormons of what might be on a Mormon shelf with the possible accompanying justification:

  • Polygamy - "as long as I'm the first wife"
  • Distribution of Church funds - "they are called of God, they must be inspired to where the money goes"
  • Earths existence in years - "our time is different than Gods time"
  • Dinosaurs - "our time is different than Gods time"
  • Scriptural Inconsistencies - "I don't know all that God knows.  It will be explained later."
  • Temple Ceremonies - "I need to attend more; I don't understand yet."
  • Temple Changes - "Revelation"
  • Scripture Changes - "Revelation"
  • Inequality between YWs and YMs - "boys are different than girls"
  • Priesthood - "It's just the way it is."
  • Church Involvement in Scouting - "it's not really a 'church' program."
  • Masturbation - "cultural teachings not doctrinal teachings"
  • Gaudy Temple Materials - "only our best for the Lord."
  • LGBTQIA treatment by the Church - "those things didn't really happen.  Our leaders would never do those things."
  • Women without decision making powers - "that's the responsibility of the Priesthood, I'm just a mother."
  • Horrible things said by Prophets - "they are fallible men working with an infallible gospel."
 These are just a few of the many things that Mormons have put on their shelf.  These issues pile up on top of each other until the shelf can no longer hold the weight.  And it breaks. Bringing everything that has ever been placed on the shelf back into the light; ready to be focused on again.

This crash brings many into the questioning-Mormon world.  A world that makes no sense.  A world where all your ally's now view you as the enemy.  A world where trust is lost.  A world where finding truth becomes imperative to survival.  So, you begin your journey.

This is where I began mine.

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