Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cookin' Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This year my hubby earned the Presidents Club trip at work.  We got to go to Puerto Vallarta. It was so beautiful and a wonderful escape from the freezing Utah winter.  I'll tell you about where we stayed another time.  Right now I want to share our favorite part of the whole trip.

Cookin' Vallarta

Cookin' Vallarta is a cooking class that takes you through every step of the food process: travel, shopping, prepping, and cooking.   Our group was picked up by Enrique, and taken to a little market to shop for our supplies.

The fishmonger. 

Lots of fresh produce.

Enrique spent a lot of time explaining to us history of food, how to choose different foods, and just making us laugh.  After we had acquired all our ingredients, we hopped back into our van and headed back to Enrique's house. 

Where we prepped,



and boiled our food.

Enrique and his wife, "Honey," were so much fun to spend the day with.  Laughing, cooking, drinking, and, of course, eating.  They also sent us home with their recipe book so we could reproduce what we created together.

The food was fantastic.  We could have spent our whole trip with these two.  When we head back to Puerto Vallarta, Cookin' Vallarta will definitely be on our list of things to do.


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