Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This is just one of my favorite breakfasts and I tend to crave it more often when I'm pregnant.

Chocolate Pancakes:

Pancake Mix (I use Bisquick because it is Dairy Free and I can make vanilla pancakes for my Sweet Pea)
Chocolate Chips (I used milk chocolate)
Whipped Topping (real cream is always better, but Cool Whip works just as well)
Hershey Syrup

  • Put enough pancake mix for your whole family into a medium sized bowl.
  • Add some cocoa. (enough so the mix looks tinted brown; a little scoop usually does the job)
  • Add water, MIX
  • Cook like normal
  • When the pancakes are finished put them directly onto the serving plate.
  • Add chocolate chips on top.
  • Put another layer of pancake and then more chocolate chips.
  • Whipped Cream tops it off
  • If you want to make it look all pretty drizzle a tiny bit of Hershey's Syrup on top.
  • EAT!
I make small pancakes because they are pretty rich and a medium or large set of pancakes puts me over the top. Plus the little ones look so good.

Enjoy. I love them. Maybe I'll have to make some tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Know You Have Stopped Breast Feeding/Pumping When. . .

  • your appetite is cut in half
  • you spend less time at the sink washing dishes
  • you have more time to play with your little one
  • your husband is happier (he doesn't have to wash the pump anymore)
  • you don't count the hours from your last pump anymore
  • your bra fits again
  • you wonder how long the leaking lasts
  • there is just more joy in the home

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shoes, shoes, and More Shoes!

I just don't understand the fascination with the shoes and the dirty mat they reside on. But my Sweet Pea LOVES them.
She brings her blanket over moves all the shoes she doesn't like and sits in the mat. ("in" because there is a lip on it) She rubs her hands all over in the dirt and chews on the yellow laces of my Hubby's running shoes.

If she doesn't take her blanket over, it's the green door mat. Even more disgusting. She thinks that the mat is a blanket. Funny little girl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pregnancy Update

So, I had a Doctor visit today. We get there, get right in, and wait in the room. Sweet Pea is playing with her finger puppets and eating fruit leather. (loving every minute of it) And my Hubby turns to me and asks,

"Why are we here again?"

It was all I could do not to say,

"We're here because you knocked me up! Remember?" But I didn't.

I reminded him that we were there to get my fatness measured and listen to the baby's heart beat. (which took a long time to find today. Nervousness.) The doc came in measured and listened and we were finished. I forgot how uneventful the office visits were in the middle of the pregnancy. So by the time we were walking out I was thinking,

"Now, why did we have to come today?"

It felt like I was missing something. Maybe she didn't ask if I had any questions because I just had a baby? Maybe I didn't ask any because I just had a baby. I don't know, but it felt lacking today. Weird.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happiness Is. . .


I thought this was a fantabulous idea! The Happy List. Everyone has things that make them happy right? Here are mine:

My Sweet Hubby: He gets up at night with Sweet Pea. He makes dinner when I am sick on the couch. He makes craving runs at any hour of the day. (even if it means getting delivery in the middle of the day) I appreciate that he pretends not to mind that I don't want kisses or hugs or cuddles while I feel gross prego.

Winning: I know this sounds worse than it is, but I LOVE to win. Especially when I beat my Hubby. This week is all about my March Madness Bracket beating his. Right now we're tied. Not after the second round though. I better be winning.

Exercising: Getting out and exercising doesn't just give me joy to strengthen and challenge my body, it actually lightens my day. I mean, "exercise produces endorphines; endorphines make you happy. Happy people just don't kill their husbands." Or anyone else that is around. This is very true for me.

Sweet Pea: There are days that are harder than others to get along with my little one that can't articulate what she wants, but she really does make my heart skip a beat. Her kisses and hugs. Her reading. Her coloring. Wanting me to be her buddy in all her activities. Wanting to be my buddy in all MY activities. She is just wonderful.

Outdoor Anything: Everything about the outdoors makes me happy. The sun, the rain, the colors, the beauty. Maybe not the wind.

These things make me smile just thinking about them. Happiness.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Pregnant Mother's Biggest Fear

I have decided that Pregnancy is no time to have a toddler around. Let me explain. I always wanted to have kids that ate healthy foods of all sorts and were the ones that were screaming and yelling in the supermarket for the asparagus. However, with pregnancy those dreams get tossed out the window.

Unless I got no cravings through my whole pregnancy, this is NOT possible. When all I want to eat is french fries, potatoe chips, burgers, pies, and cake, there is just no possible way to teach my Sweet Pea to like anything but what I'm eating. I mean, when I crave Wendy's and my Hubby walks in with the bag, she knows exactly what is inside. And she screams and yells for the french fries before I even get the bag opened.

Then I have visions of my child being 18 and on Biggest Loser. Of course, with me by her side. Her blaming me for all her obesity and the many other emotional problems that come along with it.

Is there any light at the end of this fat encrusted tunnel?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The New List

I found this lovely new blog today. (new to me) And how wonderful it is that Melanie Jacobson is doing a giveaway! She wrote a book, The List. And she is giving a copy away. This giveaway caught my eye because it gave me something to think about.


I have one. It's located all the way at the bottom of the blog. Under all my posts. Maybe this is to keep it a secret, I don't really know. But she brought up that bucket lists don't have to be restricted to things you have to do before you die. That feels like such a long ways away and doesn't feel like I have to try to accomplish anything on it for a while. I need lists that I can see accomplishments. Accomplishments sooner than later.

So, I'm making a new one. (don't get me wrong, I'm not discarding the old one.) This one is:

Things To Do Before My Kids Graduate:

  1. Go to Disney World; stay in a hotel in the resort
  2. Finish a Triathalon
  3. Buy a House
  4. Take my kids to visit New Zealand
  5. Have my own successful garden
  6. Visit Europe
  7. Camp EVERY summer
  8. Snow shoe EVERY winter
  9. Come up with a really spectacular idea
  10. Build/create something with each kid
  11. Family vacations EVERY year. (more than one)
I know that I have 20 years to accomplish this goal, but the last 6 years have gone by super quick. So, the next 20 will go by quickly as well I'm sure.

What would you do?

A New Rule

There is a new rule at my house. Starting Right NOW!

Not at any time is my Hubby allowed to come home in the middle of the day without ringing the doorbell and knocking BEFORE entering the living space. It's NOT funny when I'm standing by the washing machine, and he comes through the door and scares me half to death. I'm still shaking.

With this new rule I reserve the right to scream, punch and kick until I realize that it's him.

Monday, March 14, 2011

When Decorating Can't Cut It. . . . .

What I do when I can't decorate my home. It may not be the most healthy thing to do, but it makes me feel like I created something.

My beautiful Cobb Salad for dinner with honey-mustard dressing:

And my apple crisp:
(I forgot to take a pic when I was finished, this is what you get; deal.)

I admit it. I am an emotional eater. It just makes me feel better. Like I accomplished something.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Decorating Dilemma's

I am at a complete loss. I want pictures and decorations up, but I just don't know what to do. I don't even know where to go for ideas. I have these fantastically large beautiful walls in my apartment that I stare at not knowing what to do.

Any Ideas?

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Do Not Share!

I am quite aware of this personality trait. My Hubby hasn't figured it out yet. There are many things that I am willing to share: the toothpaste, the remote control, the covers on our bed, and even our car; however, I am not willing to share my FOOD.

If I am eating out or eating at home it makes no difference. I do not share my food. Get Your Own. I don't want to split my meal with you.

So, when the pregnant lady has been craving a Beto's breakfast burrito for 5 days, don't bring it home and expect to "have a few bites." Which really means Split the burrito in two. I WANT IT ALL. GET YOUR OWN.

I don't in any way feel this is selfish. I just knew what I wanted. If you knew you wanted some, you should have gotten some. That was a choice that you made. Food is precious to me. (obviously, I'm getting fatter by the second and it's not ALL baby) Leave my meal alone. Thank you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Melting Madness

The #1 Reason to check your pans before they go into the 450 degree oven:

I let my Sweet Pea play in my pots and pans. I also let her play with the magnets on the refrigerator. She discovered that the magnets will also cling to my pans. I missed one when clearing them off. And I decided I was hungry. The above is the outcome. Oops!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlotte Diamond: A Childhood Favorite

Just one of the many reasons I LOVE Charlotte Diamond:

You just can't disagree with that.


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