Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happiness Is. . .


I thought this was a fantabulous idea! The Happy List. Everyone has things that make them happy right? Here are mine:

My Sweet Hubby: He gets up at night with Sweet Pea. He makes dinner when I am sick on the couch. He makes craving runs at any hour of the day. (even if it means getting delivery in the middle of the day) I appreciate that he pretends not to mind that I don't want kisses or hugs or cuddles while I feel gross prego.

Winning: I know this sounds worse than it is, but I LOVE to win. Especially when I beat my Hubby. This week is all about my March Madness Bracket beating his. Right now we're tied. Not after the second round though. I better be winning.

Exercising: Getting out and exercising doesn't just give me joy to strengthen and challenge my body, it actually lightens my day. I mean, "exercise produces endorphines; endorphines make you happy. Happy people just don't kill their husbands." Or anyone else that is around. This is very true for me.

Sweet Pea: There are days that are harder than others to get along with my little one that can't articulate what she wants, but she really does make my heart skip a beat. Her kisses and hugs. Her reading. Her coloring. Wanting me to be her buddy in all her activities. Wanting to be my buddy in all MY activities. She is just wonderful.

Outdoor Anything: Everything about the outdoors makes me happy. The sun, the rain, the colors, the beauty. Maybe not the wind.

These things make me smile just thinking about them. Happiness.


Mamarazzi said...

endorphines...100% agree, and we all need more happy!!

thanks for joining in!!

Diane Writes said...

Hi! I discovered your blog from Mamarazzi. I'm a participant too. I love the banner design of your blog. It's so cute. And with your happy list, I also love outdoors and of course my family. They are our most prized possessions.

Wishing you more happiness!

Melissa and Erick Avila said...

Ummm, you forgot BUDDHA-aka ME on your list! Rude! :)


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