Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Pregnant Mother's Biggest Fear

I have decided that Pregnancy is no time to have a toddler around. Let me explain. I always wanted to have kids that ate healthy foods of all sorts and were the ones that were screaming and yelling in the supermarket for the asparagus. However, with pregnancy those dreams get tossed out the window.

Unless I got no cravings through my whole pregnancy, this is NOT possible. When all I want to eat is french fries, potatoe chips, burgers, pies, and cake, there is just no possible way to teach my Sweet Pea to like anything but what I'm eating. I mean, when I crave Wendy's and my Hubby walks in with the bag, she knows exactly what is inside. And she screams and yells for the french fries before I even get the bag opened.

Then I have visions of my child being 18 and on Biggest Loser. Of course, with me by her side. Her blaming me for all her obesity and the many other emotional problems that come along with it.

Is there any light at the end of this fat encrusted tunnel?


Mer said...

YES! Cut yourself some slack. My sister was a french fry fiend as a toddler - she's 105 lbs and the queen of veggies now. Eating french fries isn't going to give her a bad relationship with food - but seeing her mom feel guilty and attach negative emotions to food will. Or hiding food! She's not even 2 yet - she has a life time full of delicious meals ahead of her. She's got a smart mother who values health and can teach her. Sit down and share a few French fries with her. And when you aren't being attacked by pregnancy craving any more, sit down and share some carrot sticks with her. I mean, it's just a fact that fat and salt make things taste better, and her new little taste buds are excited by all these wickedawesomecool new flavors. Let her have a few, and let her be. They aren't going to destroy her eating habits for life. Just focus on showing her how to enjoy all food in moderation.
And tell hubby to start going on midnight runs instead ;-)

Destenee said...

If there was a "like" button on blogger I would have "liked" Mer's I guess all I have to add is AMEN! :)

Emmy said...

Yes what Mer said is awesome! And really we always have such high expectations for the first and do all these great wonderful things with the first and then we have more and realize as long as we love them and try and do our best we are successful.

kimmrs said...

Great comment by Mer!


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