Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The New List

I found this lovely new blog today. (new to me) And how wonderful it is that Melanie Jacobson is doing a giveaway! She wrote a book, The List. And she is giving a copy away. This giveaway caught my eye because it gave me something to think about.


I have one. It's located all the way at the bottom of the blog. Under all my posts. Maybe this is to keep it a secret, I don't really know. But she brought up that bucket lists don't have to be restricted to things you have to do before you die. That feels like such a long ways away and doesn't feel like I have to try to accomplish anything on it for a while. I need lists that I can see accomplishments. Accomplishments sooner than later.

So, I'm making a new one. (don't get me wrong, I'm not discarding the old one.) This one is:

Things To Do Before My Kids Graduate:

  1. Go to Disney World; stay in a hotel in the resort
  2. Finish a Triathalon
  3. Buy a House
  4. Take my kids to visit New Zealand
  5. Have my own successful garden
  6. Visit Europe
  7. Camp EVERY summer
  8. Snow shoe EVERY winter
  9. Come up with a really spectacular idea
  10. Build/create something with each kid
  11. Family vacations EVERY year. (more than one)
I know that I have 20 years to accomplish this goal, but the last 6 years have gone by super quick. So, the next 20 will go by quickly as well I'm sure.

What would you do?


Melanie Jacobson said...

I love #10. Because then you build/create a memory, too. Awesome.

Phannie said...

Thanks. I knew I couldn't have all my goals to be about me, if the deadline was all about the kiddies.

Mike and Jessie Leavitt said...

You really gonna camp this summer mrs prego?


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