Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pregnancy Update

So, I had a Doctor visit today. We get there, get right in, and wait in the room. Sweet Pea is playing with her finger puppets and eating fruit leather. (loving every minute of it) And my Hubby turns to me and asks,

"Why are we here again?"

It was all I could do not to say,

"We're here because you knocked me up! Remember?" But I didn't.

I reminded him that we were there to get my fatness measured and listen to the baby's heart beat. (which took a long time to find today. Nervousness.) The doc came in measured and listened and we were finished. I forgot how uneventful the office visits were in the middle of the pregnancy. So by the time we were walking out I was thinking,

"Now, why did we have to come today?"

It felt like I was missing something. Maybe she didn't ask if I had any questions because I just had a baby? Maybe I didn't ask any because I just had a baby. I don't know, but it felt lacking today. Weird.

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