Friday, March 27, 2015

Discussion: Word of Wisdom (Law of Health)

Many of our conversations have happened multiple times.  This one included.  The first time we talked about the Word of Wisdom (WOW) was over a year ago.

LDS Church Teachings:

"The Word of Wisdom put restrictions on members of the Church.   To this day those regulations apply to every member and to everyone who seeks to join the church.  They are so compelling that no one is to be baptized into the Church without first agreeing to live by them.  No one will be called to teach or lead unless they accept them.  When you want to go to the temple you will be asked if you keep the Word of Wisdom.  If you do not, you cannot go to the house of the Lord until you are fully worthy."  
-Boyd K. Packer, General Conference April 1996

The teachings of the WOW come from the Doctrine and Covenants chapter 89.  It discusses the DOs and DONTs of eating and drinking for the saints.

  • No wine or strong drink (v5-7)
  • No tobacco (v8)
  • No hot drinks (v9)
  • Use herbs (v10-11)
  • Eat meat sparingly (v12-13)
  • Eat all grains (v14-16)
  • Eat fruit (v16)
  • Grains for mild drinks (v17)
Blessings that come from following the WOW:
  • "health in their navel and marrow in their bones." (v18)
  • find wisdom and great treasures (v19)
"And then there is a greater blessing promised in the Word of Wisdom.  Those who obey it are promised that they "shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures" (D&C 89:19).  This is the personal revelation through which you can detect invisible crocodiles or hidden mines or other dangers."
  • run and not be weary, walk and not faint (v20)
Gods promise to those who keep this commandment:
  • the destroying angel shall pass by them and not slay them.  (v21)

The Problem:

My Hubby wants to know if I'm going to start drinking.

Thoughts and Fears:

  • Do I want to?
  • What do I know about it?
  • He will just think I'm going to become an alcoholic.
  • He will think this is the reason I don't believe; just so I can sin without guilt.

The Conversation:

My hubby started this conversation too.  He asked if I was going to drink.  I didn't know.  At this point, I'm still trying to figure out what I believe and don't believe.  Which values are mine and which ones have been forced onto me.  The WOW was one of those topics I was going to get to, but was not there yet.  There were others significantly more important for me to figure out first.  

I am also a complete water drinker.  I drink over 100 oz. of water in a day.  I love water.  Not water that has anything in it, just plain water.  I rarely drink juice.  I never drink soda.  And I never drink those things because I just don't like to drink my calories.  So, alcohol was just not on my radar.

The Compromise:

There wasn't really anything to compromise.  Nothing was changing in my habits concerning what I was drinking, so the purpose filled by our discussion was to ease my Hubby's fears.  

Full Disclosure:  

In the interest of full disclosure, this first conversation about alcohol was over a year ago and since then I do have the occasional cocktail.  I haven't tried beer.  I've only tried one wine.  It was no good.  I haven't found a tea that I like.  I think they all taste like grass.  And I haven't spent any time in the coffee arena.  Although I LOVE the smell. 

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