Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's just a Day

Today is just a day.
It's a day to read.
A day to sleep.
A day to wish that someone else makes the dinner.
A day of pondering.
A day of games. (card and board)
A cloudy day
A chilly day. (not that I am going outside or anything)
The day my Hubby is gone to meetings ALL day. (I hate meetings! Especially the ones where the person in charge thinks that something can still be accomplished after the first hour. NEVER happens.)
A day of loneliness at home. (Sweet Pea sleeps all the time still)

How's your day?

1 comment:

Tali said...

oh i SO wish i could come visit. woul dbe nice to come see you by myself and see your sweet pea and all teh fun things you have made since like novemebr. or when ever that last time I saw you was. Miss you guys! yesterday kelle had this fever that she had actually had pretty much all weekend. not too high, and that was her only symptom. but probobly around 100. seriously! when will it end? Lily had it last week. I think maybe sending her to pre school was a mistake, if anything all she does is bring home germs. so I am stuck home too. bah!


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