Thursday, March 4, 2010

Burp Rag VS Boob Rag

While I was pregnant, I thought that I would be so crafty and make myself some burp rags.

I made them with extra cotton fabric that I had left over from some quilts that I made. (which meant that they matched)

And I received a whole bunch of these:

And I've even crocheted a couple myself.

HOWEVER, the previously mentioned burp rags are imposters. They do not really fulfill the desired requirements for their work. They are just not adequate for the Projectile Vomit that occurs during the day and night at my house.

Although I was disappointed, I have found a use for the beautiful pieces of cloth. They are perfect for the Boob.


Place rag under boob while feeding. This will catch any excess dribble from Baby's mouth or excess spurting that occurs with accidental unlatching.

These are the BEST Burp Rags:

These cloth diapers transform excellently into super absorbent Burp Rags. PERFECT!!


Em said...

The burp rags that I found to work the best are an Ikea dish towel! They are only 49 cents so we bought a bunch! My homemade ones weren't good either. :)

Andrea said...

I also use recieving blankets, cause sometimes you just need something BIGGER!!!

Mer said...

I used my burp rags the exact same way. Great minds...

Dish towels, cloth diapers, hazmat suits -- ANYTHING is better than a burp rag. Because our kids were so bad, we regularly used receiving blankets as burp cloths. I could throw it over my shoulder and know that, no matter how bad the urp was, my entire back was covered.

Tali said...

oh yes on the recieving blankets. Kelle was so bad that I would have to have somehting big enough to catch it in because there would be pools of it. too much to soak in. and she did it till she was 15 months old, the older = bigger = eats more = pukes more. eventually I used bath towels. and then one fine day it just never happend again.


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