Monday, March 1, 2010

Setting Goals Before Having a Baby. . . Bad Idea

These were the goals at the beginning of the year:

1- lose the 60 lbs. of baby weight I put on.
2- watch less TV.
3- Run 3 races this year and one of those needs to be a 1/2 marathon.
4- Have fun FHE's.
5- Study Preach My Gospel with my Hubby.
6- Get up, exercise, shower, and get ready EVERY day.
7- Play outside with Baby 3-5x a week.
8- Quilt 2 blankets this year.
9- Sew the curtains for my house.
10- Read and Write more.
11- Save more. (I will find a way to be a young parent, just out of school with loans to pay off, with a beginning salary that can SAVE MONEY better than I already am)

This is how they are going:

1- I put on 60 lbs and have LOST 30 lbs. I love breastfeeding! and losing the water weight and the actual weight of my almost 10 lb baby. (we'll see how the next few months go.)

2- I don't know that watching less TV has been happening. The Olympics didn't help out with that. I will have to see how it goes now that they are over.

3- With extra, unpredictable pain I haven't been able to even really walk all that much so, getting closer to my racing goals this year has not begun yet. It will.

4- Watching the olympics was pretty fun for FHE nights. But other than that, we haven't done anything. (does staring at the baby count?)

5- Definitely haven't been studying. Just trying to get sleep

6- The get ready every day thing is non existent. And I am lucky if I shower every other day. (don't judge me)

7- Sweet Pea isn't old enough and it's not warm enough to take her outside to play.

8 and 9- Haven't had any time. I will figure it out closer to the end of the year.

10- I casually read. Not as much as I would like. Which means it takes me FOREVER to finish a book. (UGH)

11- I think I figured out a way to save more. I will see how the next few months go and will let you in on how I am doing it. (if it works)

How are your goals going?


Jillian P. Phippen said...

Dear Phannie, I highly recommend trying a book on tape. There's no shame in using your ears instead of your eyeballs. I think that's why God gave them to you. Now, I don't recommend using them while you have your eyeballs covered with your eyelids. This is in response to #10. If you ever get a chance to do #3, #6, and #7. In the spring and summer, I would like to formally invite you and Sweet Pea to join me and my childlettes at our park by the new house to play. I know that SP is too tiny to play, but there is a lot of sidewalk for you to walk on if you ever find a stroller. :o)

Phannie said...

Thanks Jill. We will anxiously awaiting the warm weather so we can come over and play.

the fellers said...

as for #10...I would read while breastfeeding. someone told me not to watch tv while feeding, it was distracting for the baby or something, I dont remember, so I would read with my first, and I really loved it and did it with my second too!


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