Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Beginning. . .AGAIN!

Before I was out of my first trimester, my cousin told me that I needed to make sure that I got right back into my regular jeans after I had my baby. I thought that she was crazy. She said that the people that spend all of their post pregnancy time in their Maternity pants tend to eat to fill the pants.

Well, since I have had my little Sweet Pea I have been wearing my Maternity pants. Mostly because I was afraid to try on my regular pants in fear of not being able to pull them up over my now fat legs. However, I dared today to try on my regular pants. I can:

-pull them over my fat legs

-squeeze my huge butt into them

-AND do them up.

I was so excited. Now, aside from the bulges and the incredibly huge muffin top I have, I am glad that I put on my regular pants. I feel as if there is a little bit of hope. I am motivated to choose more healthy meals to help to rid myself of the excess and exercise a little bit. It's time. FINALLY.

I have been so anxious to get started again. I will not be jumping into my routine where I left off. 5 miles of running and p90x every day is just not where my body is at right now. I'm thinking light weights, walks, and light house work. (since I am not allowed to do any "heavy" house work yet)

So, here I am at the beginning again.

weight: 226 lbs
pant size: Somewhere bigger than a 14
aerobic ability: walking around the apartment

Ready, Set, GO!


Jennifer and Brian Bott said...

I gave birth to my son 10months ago. And I'm working really hard to get into my per-pregnancy clothes. I was a size 4 pants before the baby and am a 12/14. I keep trying on my favorite pair. I would love to find recipes that are healthier, kinda having a hard time finding some. All the best to you and you husband. Being a parents is so much fun and is just wonderful.

megan said...

Just keep nursing, it's the best way to loose the weight and flatten that tummy;). She's adorable by the way!

Mrs. B. Roth said...

With my first two kids, I thought the whole nursing burns away fat was a silly lie. But that's because I was eating a lot of junk food. With the last one, I ate healthy during and after pregnancy and now I have my pre-motherhood body (well, with considerable extra jiggle and a few scars and stretch marks ...) Healthy choices are key.

Tali said...

Awesome that you can get them on! Go you! I am dreaming of that day to come again. keep in mind mursing can burn up to 600 calories a day, but sometimes your body will actually hang onto every ounce of fat while you are nursing, so yeah healthy choices to fuel your body. after kelle we joined a gym, started eating healthy and I was nursing and I did not see the weight come off till I stoped nursing (she weened herself at 11 mo.) but when i stoped and continued to do the workout and healthy diet it came right off.

Tali said...

oh and how is nursing going?


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