Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diaper Dilemma

I have a Diaper Dilemma.

My little one is a throw-up baby; meaning, that if she lays on her back within 30 minutes after feeding she will throw it up. So, I change her diaper before I feed her. This is great except she spends the whole time she is eating filling her britches. After the thirty minutes are passed and I can lay her down, she is asleep. I don't want to risk waking her. But if she sleeps in the dirty diaper that means I have to take a scrapper to her bum to get it clean.

Any suggestions?


Mrs. B. Roth said...

It'll take more of your time and patience, but it wise to get the baby used to being laid down awake and falling asleep in their crib ... I would probably change the diaper first (cuz my kids always got terrible diaper rash if they sat in it very long) and hold baby and sing a song, swaddle baby up tight and lay her down drowsy but awake.

My last baby is an amazing sleeper and quickly preferred being put in her crib so she could sleep. She started sleeping through the night at like 4 months with only a couple of Ferber nights.

Destenee said...

I second that Mrs. B Roth's comment! That is something I figured out with my second and made such a difference my kids sleeping experience. But sometimes, especialy when you only have one, it is just to hard not to snuggle with them until they fall asleep.

Tali said...

I agree with the other comments too. I figutred it out with my 2nd and oh what a difference it made. I would keep her awake when she was eating by rubbing her face and head, change her then put her to bed by rocking her till she was sleepy and laying her down to go to sleep on her own. it took about two weeks befor it was really working all the time. But SO worth it.

Mer said...

I agree that it's easier to lay them down and let them fall asleep -- but both of my kids had reflux and we couldn't lay them down after they ate, either. And they usually fell asleep before it was safe to lay them down. I had to wait until they were several months old and didn't spit up as much. I got really sick of feeding my kids, going to change their diapers, and having them regurgitate everything they'd just eaten while I was in the middle of trying to clean up their poo. Plus, then they were crabby and didn't nap as long. And I was crabby. I feel you, Phannie.

As for the diaper issue -- try putting on a nice thick layer of Desitin (this is the one time I recommend getting the brand name and not the generic. The generics are a completely different texture and soak into the diaper instead of staying on the kid's bum). A layer of cream kept my kids butts from getting rashes from napping in poo, and kept the poo moist so it didn't crust onto their butts.

Phannie said...

Thanks all.

Sweet Pea has been better in the last day about throwing up. Maybe her stomach is growing!

Mer, I agree about the desitin. Nothing else is a good substitute.

I will have to do the sleeping thing when she is completely over the throw up everything stage. She does sleep really well though. Last night she slept for 7 hours. Which means I got some sleep, but was panicky when I awoke. Panicky mom hoping her baby is eating enough.

the fellers said...

wait till after she is done eating, then prop her up a bit to change her....I would much rather have her throw up a bit then make her sleep in a poopie diaper....she will sleep better! Is she on meds for the reflux? That might help too, Rylee had that and we got her on worked wonders!

the fellers said...

one other thing, we would have Rylee sleep in her car seat....or swing, so she was proped up and straped worked REALLY well...then she learned to not be held while she fell asleep AND she didnt throw up enough, and if she did she didnt aspirate it!


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