Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day

It's GREEN Day! I confess, I didn't wear green. (unless you count my jacket) I wanted to wish you a wonderful day. I hope you did something fun, dressed up in green (my hubby dressed up in green I will have to get a pic to show you), ate green, and saw tons of participating fun people.

I also wanted to tell you what I learned about St. Patrick. I had no idea. He was a really wonderful guy. He was from Britain, was captured by Pirates and taken to Ireland. He was sold into slavery here for years and then he escaped after 8 years. He fled back to Britain. Later, he felt that it was God's will that he return to teach the people of Ireland about Christ. So he went back. He taught many people and had great success there. He was known as "the apostle of the Irish." He was said to have died, many years later, on March 17th. This is why we celebrate on this day.

Just some random information for you. I thought it was interesting. I didn't really know why there is a St. Patrick's day. Now we know.

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