Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mission Stories and Sunday School

I have this pet peeve. It's when I go to church and we are listening to a pretty well prepared lesson and the teacher (usually male) decides to share his "personal experience." Now this is not just any personal experience this is a "Mission Experience." This act of sharing wouldn't be so bad if the story actually had something to do with the lesson and wasn't just tooting his own horn. AND it's even worse when they have to share multiple stories in one lesson! I get REALLY irritated.

Today in Sunday school this was the case. The guy teaching had obviously prepared. He started off well. His lesson was running smoothly. It wasn't making me want to rip my ears off. But then it happened. The Mission Story. And you could stretch it to make it work with the lesson, so it wasn't horrific. BUT then came another Mission Story, AND then ANOTHER!!!

I mean really! You can't come up with ONE experience that has happened to you in the last how-many-years since your mission? NOT ONE!? There isn't one happy moment in your life since you left "the mission field?" You couldn't have related the lesson to life NOW. The life you are currently living with your wife and children? Life that we all experience EVERY SINGLE DAY. You know relate it to the audience you are teaching. This is NOT Mission Prep Class. This is the Adult Sunday School Class.

There are great experiences that we all have in this life, but we have to keep having them throughout the years and not just live in our past. Don't ya think?

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