Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty Lesson #4: Nail Polish

I am not so much of a nail polish kind of person. For whatever reason, I have never been able to wear a color on my fingers. It distracts me from what I'm doing and drives me nuts. I have to remove it within hours. I find this strange since I LOVE acrylic nails. Oh well.

I do, however, LOVE to wear nail polish on my toes. It makes this very athletic Tomboy feel more feminine. I also think toenail polish is completely adorable on little ones. So, since my Sweet Pea was a baby I have been trying to paint hers. This didn't work very well when she was a baby because she would wake up when I was painting and smear it everywhere. I gave up for a while.

But last week, Sweet Pea found the nail polish and wanted it "ohp." (open) I asked her if she wanted to paint her nails and she said, "esss." (yes) So, I ventured into painting her nails again. I told her to hold still and NOT move. She didn't the WHOLE TIME. She sat perfectly still, watched me paint, and then even waited for me to get the Q-tips and polish remover to clean up my mess on the little toesies.

So much fun. AND SHE LOVED IT!!

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Melissa and Erick Avila said...

LOVE IT!!! I'm SOOO glad I'm having a little boy, but I will admit that I'm excited for when we have a little girl so I can paint her toenails. Is that silly?
You're such a cute momma!


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