Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eye Spy Book Finished!!

I know it's taken me FOREVER to get this finished! But I have been forbidden by my Hubby to start any more crafty things until everything else is finished. So, I hunted around my house to find things to put into the Eye Spy Bag. I found some great buttons, pompom, stars, and other things. I think it worked out great.

Here it is:
The little tag is there so I can attach a laminated list of what is in the bag to spy. Yea for completing crafts.

Oh, and I made this out of an old shirt that my Hubby absolutely LOVED when we were dating. I LOVE reusing old clothes for new things


Mrs. B. Roth said...

I love it!

And reusing clothes, too. I have a cousin who used her WEDDING dress to make blessing gowns for her babies. Crazy huh. I made a onsie out of tee shirts a few times.

Melissa and Erick Avila said...

I remember that shirt!


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