Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

It's Father's Day and for the first time, we are spending it at home just our little family. I got up this morning and was happy to be in my own home, but sad that it would be my first Fathers Day away from my Dad. I wasn't prepared to feel like I wanted to drive back down to Happy Valley to see my Dad, but I did. (We aren't going, but I wanted to) I guess I just didn't know how much I liked to be around my Daddy. I do.

He is a fantastic man. Busy. Hard Working. Silently evaluating the people around him, then adding his profound two-bits of advice (or sarcasm). He puts up with all of us monkeys. Understanding. (even if he really doesn't, he pretends that he does) Happy. Competitive. Fun. Loving. A great teacher.

I am so lucky to have my Dad close and accessible for questioning/advice.

I am also very lucky to have a loving Hubby who is there through all of my whining and moaning about everything. He is a great Daddy for my little Sweet Pea and Green Bean. He plays, kisses, reads, sings, and loves them both so much. (yes, he does these things to my tummy) I'm glad my kids have a great Dad just like I had.

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