Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Am I Dreaming About? Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted a quote by President Hinckley HERE. A quote all about dreams and visions.

What are mine?

Are there different categories?

Are these just Goals?

Maybe my goals and my dreams and visions can be the same things. I want so many things. They are allowed to be altered from time to time.


-own a home
-read 100 great books
-get my bachelors degree
-get a Masters degree
-pay off ALL my school loans
-buy a brand spanking new car.
-be a marathon mommy
-swim in the ocean


-run the original marathon in Athens
-be an IRONMAN
-climb a pyramid
-see the Sistine Chapel
-Master my physical and emotional self (to truly understand me)

I listed my Dreams and Visions. I did this in two different categories. They both sound like goals. I realized that the ones under Dreams are "more achievable" than those under Visions. I didn't do this on purpose. Maybe I should list them all together so as not to confuse my brain in thinking that I can't accomplish my Visions.

That's what I'll do. And we will see what I can accomplish this year.

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