Friday, January 22, 2010

Just To Clarify

Okay. I felt I needed to clarify something after my post yesterday.

My Hubby helps out. He helps out a whole bunch. He:

-takes out the trash (I can't get the lid on the dumpster open now that I'm fat and my muscles are dysfunctional. FYI-the dumpster is gross)

-helps me put my shoes on (I can't reach)

-scrubs the shower down WITH A TOOTHBRUSH

-makes me dinner (if he can find any food. I don't think I've really grocery shopped all month-this is how I starve him)

-rubs my feet

-snuggles with me

-helps me fold and then he puts away the laundry (if I ever get to it)

I just wanted to make sure that you all knew that My Hubby is really here for me. You just have to keep in mind that he is putting up with a very O.C.P.D. person and some things I don't LET him do. Not to mention I'm a little ornery sometimes. He's a gem right now.

Just needed to let you know


Mer said...

I'm sorry I didn't mention that in my last comment -- I just wrote a response to your post and didn't even really read the other comments.

No doubt about it. I've seen his hands cracked and bleeding after doing dishes, despite being in the middle of a painful eczema outbreak. His brother, my husband, has to deal with my similar obsessive order issues. They're good men.

Em said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. The last bit is hard. Just rest up. The next couple weeks will be hard, just in a different way. But you'll love it! Love you! And Marshall: Keep being a rockstar!


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