Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am fighting with the Sandman. He wants me to sleep ALL the time. I get up all motivated to get things accomplished during the day and by 10 or 11 am I just want to crash on the couch or in my comfy bed. This means:

-my house is a mess

-the laundry isn't done

-the dishes are piling

-I starve my Hubby because I don't want to cook dinner

-the baby's room isn't getting any closer to being finished

Any tips on how to defeat the Sandman?


JJ said...

umm honey, you're 9 months pregnant...your supposed to feel this way.

Is your husbands arms painted on? He can do the dishes, cook and do laundry....He needs to learn now!! cause when the Baby comes he will have to, or he will be eating on dirty dishes, going to work in dirty clothes and starve himself to death.


Tali said...

Honestly steph, the best thing to do would be for marshall to do it for you for an early Valenties day gift or something.. Then your house will be all clean when the baby comes and you can sleep. and since your sleeping so much and marchall is at work it will stay pretty well clean till then. see kills two birds with one stone. :) you need to sleep, sleep sleep. and its only going to get worse befor it gets better, both the tiredness and the mess.laundry and dishes get worse when you have a baby.

Mer said...

Sleep. Your body is trying to get ready for labor. This is not you being lazy. It is your body trying to TELL YOU SOMETHING.

You wouldn't try to stay up all night doing dishes and laundry the night before a triathalon! Labor is going to be like an octathalon! Cut yourself some slack and sleep.

And you can get the baby room ready after the kiddo comes. She'll sleep a lot. You'll be home a lot. When Sam finally came home, We had only a pathway to his bed and his crib set up. I spent all of the time I wasn't feeding or changing him unpacking while he lay in his crib. It was a GREAT way to teach him that he didn't need to be held all the time.

To reiterate -- sleep. Sleep is training for labor. Listen to your body.


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