Sunday, January 3, 2010

This year there WILL be success.

Success never comes to someone trying to hang on. Success never comes to someone playing out her last hand. Success never comes to the “fat cat” living on past glories. Success comes to the one who plans best, works hardest, remains dedicated and stays totally focused on the goal. If you will not be beaten, you cannot be beaten.

Where we are today will not be where we are tomorrow. Nothing is for sure. If one stands still, one actually loses ground because others are moving forward.

~Author Unknown


It's a new year. The time when we make resolutions to do better. It's really the time we take a second look at our resolutions from last year, right? Yet we still do it. Two years ago was the first time that I kept at a goal I made in January. (this was a lose weight goal) Then last year I made a running goal that I kept at for half the year. (just until I was too sick to move with preggie sickness)

This year I would like to share my goals with you. So, that you can keep me accountable for what I am doing or not doing. I am planning, and going to work hard, remain dedicated, and stay totally focused on my goals. Although some days will be harder or less productive than others, I will do it.

I have a whole year. I WILL remember that I don't have to accomplish anything this month. I have 12 months.


1- lose the 60 lbs. of baby weight I put on.

2- watch less TV. (if I'm at home all day, I don't need to be a couch potatoe.)

3- Run 3 races this year and one of those needs to be a 1/2 marathon.

4- Have fun FHE's.

5- Study Preach My Gospel with my Hubby.

6- Get up, exercise, shower, and get ready EVERY day. (I need to feel and look good for myself. Not just feel like a run down mommy)

7- Play outside with Baby 3-5x a week.

8- Quilt 2 blankets this year.

9- Sew the curtains for my house. (this will save me in my heating bill)

10- Read and Write more.
(More books. More BOOKS!)

11- Save more. (I will find a way to be a young parent, just out of school with loans to pay off, with a beginning salary that can SAVE MONEY better than I already am)

Well, there they are. They are officially in writing. (that's what we are supposed to do right?) I will post them here and in my home. Please check on me every once in a while.

What is one of your goals for the year?


kimmrs said...

Great goals. I'd like to run at least one of those races with you! One of my goals is to become more physically fit. If weight loss comes with that, fabulous! I'd also like to study Preach my Gospel.

hartleyhouse said...

Great goals!! You should come run the Seattle rock & roll 1/2 marathon with me!! I've set that as one of my goals this year, it would be super fun to run it with someone :)

Phannie said...

Yeah! People who actually want to go out and run together. If we can keep motivating each other then I'm sure we can arrange the races together.


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