Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm anxious

It's January. The beginning of a new year. At this time I will set new goals, re-evaluate my old ones. Check up on me. Clean the house. Rearrange the house. Make new things. Read a new book.

There are so many things that I tend to begin at this point of the year. BUT this year, I'm at a stand still.

I can't start or continue on weight loss goals that have existed until baby comes.

I can't even really plan for when I will start because I just don't know what my body will do after she is born.

I want to take a quilting class sooooo bad, but I just don't know when my body will be up to it or how baby time management will go.

I do get to clean the house. Sort of. I don't get to do anything that requires using a cleaner with too strong of fumes.

I do get to rearrange my apartment. This has helped with the sanity. (I will have pics of before and after of baby's room as soon as it's finished)

Making new things has been a little harder as well. Just because all the money goes to baby stuff AND it's pretty uncomfortable to sit for too long in one position. If you know of any cheap, cute, fun things to create please, let me know. I would love to learn to make a new thing.

I have started a new book. Eat. Pray. Love. So far, I am really enjoying the book. I will give you my critique when I'm finished.

Okay, so I've been able to do some of the things that I usually do. I shouldn't complain. I also shouldn't complain about the hours of the day my body steals from me for sleep. I know. I won't be sleeping much when Baby Phannie gets here. I just feel so unproductive. (most days. some I really do enjoy the nap)

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