Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drivers License Division Nightmares

If you haven't been watching the news or needing to renew your drivers license lately then you haven't found out that there was a new law that went into effect January 1st about the information required to obtain and renew your license. I usually watch the news but had apparently missed this story. Let me back up.

Last week I went to the hospital to preregister. When I handed my license to the girl I checked my expiration date and about died. My license expires this Sunday! Crap. I have to go renew it. Renewal on-line and by mail is not accepted for an unknown period of time. You have to go into the DLD to renew in person and you have to take every document imaginable to prove you are who you are.

So, yesterday I went into the DLD to renew my license. Last time I did this I didn't need much and it didn't take very long. After waiting 30 minutes in line to receive a number and have them pre-check my documents and because I didn't know about the new law, I was sent home to bring my life back.

Here is what they sent me for:

1- Original or copies certified by the issuing agency showing evidence of your identity;
2- Legal/lawful presence;
3- Social Security Number or ITIN;
4- Two proofs of Utah residence address, if it is different than the address on your current Utah record; and
5- Evidence of name change, if applicable

Lets put this in preschoolers terms. You need:

-drivers license
-birth certificate
(I was there and people with copies were being sent home to get originals. oh and they cannot be laminated and MUST be translated into English.)

-social security card
(this is not just the number, you have to have the card in hand. again, not laminated.)

-green card or visa

-two bills in your name

-marriage certificate

Every person must have all of these items. (except maybe #4 and#5. only with name and address changes) When I came back, I waited another 30 minutes in line to get my number, got my number and picture taken then I sat down.

I was there for 5 hours and 45 minutes. Waiting. I expected a wait, just not a 6 hour wait. The computer system went down twice while I was there. (this system is also brand new as of January 1st.) And I just had to wait for it to come back up. It made for a really LONG day.

I just couldn't understand why they kept checking people in and giving them numbers. There was no way that when I had been there 5 hours that someone checking in at 2 or 3 was going to get called that day. Which means they would wait until 6, not get called and then be angry they have to come back another day and start all over. This was my only complaint. They just needed to tell the people that they should go home, not waste their time today and come back tomorrow. (I also think they should be setting up an appointment system for this, but I'm not in charge. Even though I would like to be)

The workers were very nice. The kept their cool even with ornery people yelling at them. It is just a huge inconvenience for everyone.

I didn't want to rag on the DLD, I just wanted to make sure that if you have to go anytime soon that you were informed. Get a babysitter. Plan to be there for a good amount of time. Take food. (I didn't and had to have a friend bring me some. Thanks you much. saved my life!) Triple check your documents. Go early in the morning. They open at 7am.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

THAT is insane! Gah ... and I was thinking about getting a passport ... ohmamma.

JJ said...

Holy cow!! I changed my last name about 6 months ago at the DMV and had to wait an hour. I am sooooo sorry you waited for 6 hours. That sucks!!

Phannie said...

It's true that past years have been quicker. When I changed my name I was in and out in 30 mins.

It's just the new law and new system. Watch out for those long waits.

Tiffany said...

You should never move to CA, (apparently I shouldn't have either, but no one bothered to tell me this before I moved) because this is how the DMV is all day, everyday. It's a freaking nightmare. But I passed my written driving test with flying colors! :) ps, really sorry you had to wait for so long. especially being pregnant. That's a bite.


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