Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is a fact of nature that when pine trees are given too much water, they become weak. The roots don’t need to dig deep into the soil to find nutrients, so they grow straight out- barely beneath the surface of the ground. It is very easy for these trees to grow quickly, and they often reach great heights in not very much time, but their root system is shallow and lacks the strength to support the massive tree. When a large storm comes, the frail roots can’t brace the tree against the wind, and it comes crashing to the ground.

On the other hand, a pine tree that doesn’t receive large amounts of water will become strong because of its deeply established root system. The roots have grown far down into the earth, working and toiling to find enough nutrients to sustain the tree. Its growth is slow but steady. When faced with stormy weather, these pine trees are able to withstand the wind, held firmly in place by their solid network of roots.

-Author Unknown


I found this very true when I was serving in Virginia. When there was a big storm there would be many trees covering the roads and walk-ways. I never felt that the trees ever adapted to their surroundings. When in fact, they had. There is a lot of water and humidity in Virginia and so the trees didn't have to struggle to grow. It was an easy life for them.

Maybe that's why God guides me into the path of some of the leaders I come across. I'm not allowed to just grow up easily. I need the struggle. For what purpose, I don't know, but hopefully I will know someday.

I hope you have the opportunity to grow strong roots.


picture by Craig Hanna Photography

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