Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Run in at the Park

I just went to the park with a friend of mine (who was kind enough to come pick me up; thank you) and her two little girls. We packed lunch and headed out.

Got to the park. Set up our blanket. Got food out. Fed children. And let them play at the playground. You know, playing with other kids, slides, running around, swings,etc. Oh, wait did I mention the Crazy Lady?

There (kind of out of no where) was an Old lady sitting at the edge of the park. She was sitting with her back towards my friend and I who were on the grass, but still right next to the park. My friends two little girls had been exploring and basically introducing them to other moms and their kids and playing with them all. Then we noticed that they were over by this old lady. We were watching and saw that the youngest girl took a doll from the stroller the lady had. We thought maybe she had taken it away from the baby in the stroller or that the lady's grand-daughter was playing in the park.

My friend gets up to make sure that her little girls aren't bothering the old lady and realizes that there is NO baby in the stroller. She makes her daughter put the doll back and takes them to go play in the park again. Well, the Lady gets up rather quickly and walks across the wood chips with the stroller. ALL while kooing and calming the DOLL. She gets to the cement out of the park and RUNS away. Completely RUNNING.

So, next time you are at the park, BEWARE of the old lady with the stroller and no child. Weird, Crazy old lady.

Maybe I'm being harsh, but it was strange. And you can never be too careful around children.

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