Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Relief Society Lesson part 2

I have this discussion with the hubby at least once a week. (usually when it comes time to go to RS) He always asks why I still go. I must be getting something out of the classes, right? No. I really can't believe some of the things people say. But I guess it's the hope that someday I might get something out of it that keeps me going back (not frequently, I might add). Cause we are supposed to be there to strengthen each other spiritually and emotionally and temporally (if we can). I don't get this where I am. Maybe I am jealous of those with friends at church or at all. Adult life is different than what we have all grown up with.

As kids, we are active in sports, music, club, drama, school and whatever else you might have done as a kid. But what do we do now that we are out of school. Work. What if now it's stay-at-home-mommy time? Then what do you do? We had situations thrown in our faces to make friends with people that we really connected with and understood when we were kids. What's left now? Church?. When there is nothing else and you're the scary, outspoken, more liberal one than anyone else in the ward person, what do you do? So, like Mrs. B said, 'is it us or the church'?

I sit in lesson after lesson about how we create our own situations and how we can decide to be happy or sad and how our attitude is our own fault and no-one elses. I don't agree. I do believe in the statement from Remember the Titans,

"Attitude reflects leadership, Captian."

I don't say this to blame the First Presidency, but to address that there are disfunctions in local leaderships. And, no, I don't need anyone to remind me about how we are 'all human'. But why can't we take time to fix the problems? Who ever decided that because the were "called" meant that they can't be corrected? If they are here to learn aren't we here to teach each other? Doesn't that give us the responsibility to address these things?

I can't be too far off when I know I'm not the only one in the world that feels like this. And it's not just this area. Are we all spread out because we are supposed to do something about it in our own little spaces or are we all spread out so we will be afraid to say anything because there is no one to rally with?

Mrs. B told me that we should watch out because of our complaining, it's a sure ticket to being Relief Society President. My hubby says the same thing to me a lot. But he always says that once there, then I can make changes. (not trying to realign the stars or anythhing) Maybe it wouldn't be that bad. But again, I'm the one the bishop is afraid of, it'll never happen.

I really am glad that there are people out there that love Relief Society. I'm really glad that there are RS that really care. And that is wonderful. Can't I get into one of those wards just once?

“Friendship is one of the grand fundamental principles of ‘Mormonism.’ … It unites the human family with its happy influence.” –Joseph Smith

I have had days where I leave Relief Society and I feel like I shouldn't worry about friends because I'm supposed to feed on the gospel, but reading this quote from Joseph Smith reminds me that they go hand in hand. We are supposed to be a Christlike people. Christ did things out of love- a real basis for friendship.

We are supposed to be here to lift one anothers burdens and help to make them light. This is my problem. I know that Jesus is the ultimate helper here, but sometimes I just wish that once when I told someone about what I struggle with that I could get some tangible help and understanding. There are a lot of us out there and we get left behind, lost in the cracks, or misplaced. BUT that's a whole nother discussion.

If you want to read a really good lesson/discussion about friendship go here.

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