Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't Worry, It Will Break

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of Mer and her little ones over. We had poopy diapers, throwing up kiddos, screaming, sleeping, eating for the little ones and lots of ranting for us.

With everything going on and my TV being as old as it is, I didn't think it to be as fragile as some of the new HD, flatscreen, thin TVs that are out now. I thought that it would have a little more stamina.

BUT let a 2 year old play and you never know what will happen. (It's an old tv with a vcr built into it) He was just pushing the buttons, not even hitting the power button (amazingly) and we figured that he couldn't possibly hurt a non-powered TV. He was sticking his hand into the very convenient little slot in the front (thinking it was so cool) and we would tell him not to and he would pull his hand out. Again, not thinking that anything would go wrong with the TV.

Then, after he decided that wasn't fun anymore. He left and played elsewhere. An hour or so later, when he was getting fussy again, we decide that Big Bird could help and go to put in a DVD. Only to find that the TV turns on, begins to make all sorts of noises from the VCR and then just shuts itself off. We tried pushing buttons like the little one. Tried to fix it with the programming button, but the TV wouldn't stay on long enough to do anything. It was hopeless.

So, after today, I just wanted to pass along. No matter how old your TV is. No matter how indestructable you think it might be. Even if you think that there couldn't possibly be a way that a little one could break it. THERE IS. IT WILL HAPPEN. BE HERE NOW FOREWARNED.

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