Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dairy Free Easter Basket

I know that it's been a week and you probably don't remember, but I wanted to update you anyway. I was really struggling to figure out what to do for my Sweet Pea for her Easter Basket since she was not only a toddler who doesn't need a ton of sweets, but allergic to dairy as well.

This is what the Easter Bunny came up with at our house:

Dollar Store Crayola Books
Baked Lays
Cheerios and Shreddies in the plastic eggs
Dollar Store Disney coloring book
Dollar Store plastic watering can

The Crayola Books were a HUGE hit. And I love them too. I get to teach her what all the things are and she LOVES pointing out the things she already knows and can say. Completely fun.

The plastic watering can became a big hit when we got to the tub that night. She loves filling it up and watching it pour out.

Yeah for a fantabulous 1st Easter.

1 comment:

Kimi said...

So cute! I hate giving a bunch of candy because you know you are paying for it twice. Once for the candy...once for the dentist bill. You did great!


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