Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Stay Out of a Calling. . .

At the moment, I am a member of two different wards. This is, of course, unofficial. We attend our second ward as much as our "home" ward. We figure it's about every other week. This isn't because I HATE my new ward, they aren't so bad. Relief Society is a little fluffy, but overall, not so bad. It's just because there are so many holidays, birthdays, events that our family gets together for. And family is the most important, right?

Not attending on a regular basis has it's perks. The first and foremost being no callings. We've been here 7 months and don't have any. I think it's for the better. It has helped to keep my pregnancy stress levels down. Way farther than last time. Okay, really this is the only perk. Really we have no friends here either. Our only friends in the ward bought a new house and moved away. Now what do I do? Stand up in front of the Relief Society and beg for a friend? Now that would make RS bad. And I really don't want to be the next ward project. Bleh.

I would like to say that the reason we don't have friends is because we don't go to our ward, but we make friends at our "other" ward. We even have people, every week, ask if we are in their ward now. I don't get why it's so hard here.

Maybe it's all the old people in this ward? The segregation is actually comical. For example, there are two Sunday School classes possible to attend. All the people under the age of 30 go to one room and all those over 30 to the other room. This is NOT a ward commandment. It just happens. Even when they swap the teachers in the rooms, it still happens. Really funny. I do have to admit that I take my 1 year old into the older class on purpose. They need to be reminded that there are little ones around. (I get a LOT of evil looks for her babbling.) Secretly I enjoy this.

I understand now how my age group is the one the "church" loses the most of. We get forgotten. We haven't even had someone come over to find out anything about us. Never met with the Bishop, except for setting up our own tithing settlement the first week we were here. No visiting teachers (this I don't mind, but I would be okay with a visit once every quarter.) No home teachers. Nothing. It gets depressing after a while. It makes me want to drive the 40 minutes it takes to go to our "other" ward. They at least know we are alive.

Any ideas on how to make a friend here?


JJ said...

It took more then a year for a home teacher or a visiting teacher assigned to us. although I kinda liked it before....I feel they were being assigned to be our friend, and not just wanting to be our friend.


Good luck!

Ps I think its funny to bring your little one in the class. It probably wakes up the older people from their naps. LOL

Reno said...

That's a tough one. It sounds like your new ward has really dropped the ball with you. I would suggest that you let the bishop know you don't have VT or HT. Go to ward activities. Take part in class. Introduce yourself to people. Smile at them. Eventually they'll figure out that you are there to stay. Good luck. (I just ran across your blog today. So this is advice from a total stranger.)


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