Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doctor Reactions

I went to the Dr. this morning and she told me that my blood pressure is a little high and that my urine sample is a 2+ and if my tests come back positive that I will have to go on bed rest.

Is it truly horrible if I am trying to get everything on "my lists" done before I hear that I can't do it anymore?


Don't tell.


Mer said...

Stop! Delegate!! Trust me: the more you rest the less stress is put on your kidneys and your circulatory system.

I *KNOW* how hard it is to put down the to-do list. But instead of trying to get your to-do list done, start making a list of people who can help or do things for you - or things you can do laying down. Sit on the couch and boss people around.

A 2+ is nothing to mess around with. Don't make me come down there, lady! Because you'd best believe I will!

Seriously - call or email or text me if you need anything. Keep us posted!

kimmrs said...

REST!!!!!! You know I'll babysit as soon as school is out! Now rest. Most things that you think need to get done can wait. You're health and the baby's is most important!

Phannie said...

So, showering and my stinky clothes I have on my body don't need attention? Okay.


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