Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beauty Lesson #3: Kids Make-Up

I have a growing little girl who notices EVERYTHING I do. And wants to do it all. This includes putting on my make-up. I know that lots of people have rules about when their little girls get to wear make-up or nail polish, but I just don't want to have one more thing (I'm sure there will be many) to fight about over the growing up years. I figure that make-up is one I can control because I do the buying and I say when. So, when it comes to the morning get ready time, I made it make-up time.

Sweet Pea will grab my make-up bag and bring it to the bathroom. She climbs up the stool in front of the sink and starts going through my bag. I put on my eye liner, and then shadow. Sweet Pea gets her own little bit of shadow. (the lightest shade I have) Then I put on my mascara. While I'm doing things that she doesn't get to use, I have a couple of make-up brushes that she uses on herself. If I get to the blush that day, she gets a little dash. Then we brush our teeth together before applying our lipstick.

Sweet Pea LOVES make-up time. She gets to be just like mommy without compromising her cute toddler look. When she gets a little older and starts wanting to use mascara, then I will go buy those throw away mascara brushes and use them without the color. Like having a razor for a little boy without the actual razor part.

This time is also time for me. I have a chance to get ready for the day AND my Sweet Pea doesn't feel like she has to wine and cry about wanting to do what I do OR wanting something else. It's a taste of bliss for me.

This past weekend Sweet Pea was getting her make-up on while I was and I just hadn't noticed what she had grabbed. You are already envisioning it aren't you? The Lipstick. Bright Pink, by the way. She had it out and was putting it on herself. I was afraid she was going to get it all over her Sunday dress, but she didn't. I was ONLY around her lips. Right where it was supposed to be. Completely cute. AND funny. See, she really is learning something.

Not too bad for her first venture with make-up on her own.

What are your make-up rules?

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Mrs. B. Roth said...

I'm with you, its IS kinda fun and it's just natural that they wanna do everything they see mommy doing. I don't even paint my nails, but my girlie girl wants to and it's fun. There is so much to fight about later, this isn't isn't even close to the hill I wanna fight on.


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