Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Stand Corrected!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my ward. I mentioned the funny segregation of ages that goes on in Sunday School class. Then this last time we went, we were greeted by this sign on the door:

Combined Priesthood Relief Society Meeting

Young Singles & Young Marrieds - 3rd Overflow
Mature Singles & Mature Marrieds -Relief Society Rm
Single Seniors & Empty Nester's -Young Womens Rm
Young Men & Young Women - Upstairs

I couldn't believe my eyes. Especially days after I had just posted about it. I laughed out loud and couldn't help but take a picture to share with all you lovely people. I told my Hubby, "I'm mature." He responded, "I'm not." I said, "see you in an hour then." He laughed at me.

Apparently there is a new rule about learning from each other and enjoying each others company. ONLY allowed to be done with those in your same age group! I missed that letter being read over the pulpit in Sacrament. Did you?


JJ said...

WOW! That is sooo funny! I thought going to church was to help unify the ward not segregate it! I hated going to Sunday school anyway and would either wander the halls or take one of the infants from a tired mom and walk around.

Good luck at the church of segregation!

Peter said...

Ours used to be segregated. Younger than 40 and older than 40. I always laughed. Now we have Gospel Doctrine, Gospel Essentials, Marraige and Family Relations, and a Family History Indexing class. I am glad I am not in the Sunday School presidency...


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