Friday, April 29, 2011

Sewing Machine Problems

All of a sudden my sewing machine (in the middle of my project) decided to have the tension spaz out. And my thread isn't pulling tight anymore. I didn't move/change one thing. So frustrating. I tried to adjust the tension, but nothing worked.

I'm sure that my lack of sewing knowledge doesn't help my situation. I wish that I knew how to fix it so that I could finish my Amazing Quiet Book.

Anyone know where to go to get it looked at? I have zero idea. HELP.

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Tiffany, David and Aurianna said...

Really depends on what type of machine you have. If it's a Bernina then you have to take it to the Bernina store. If it's others I know there is a place in Orem on State street by the Scera that's call A1 (or something like that I can't really remember.) it has specializes in repairing sewing machines, vacuums, that sort of thing.


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