Monday, April 11, 2011

The List by Melanie Jacobson

A couple of weeks back, I posted about my list of things to do before my kids leave the nest. I did it all so that I was entered in a giveaway on another blog. I WON! It's so fantastic. (does anyone out there feel like someone else is always winning those things? anyway. . .) My prize was this lady's first book. Her name is Melanie Jacobson.

I understood that it was her first novel and that it falls in the LDS genre (most of which can be extremely cheese or cream filled). So, I wasn't expecting it to be some amazing story. However, I received the book last week and I'm on #3 time of reading it. The first time I couldn't put it down. I read it in under 24 hours. The second time took the rest of the week because I wanted to slowly absorb the fun. Then when I couldn't exactly get the right words out to tell my Hubby just how great this book was I convinced him to read it with me again. So, the third time is out loud with my Hubby. Who laughs out loud to some of the conversations that occur in the story.

It was really good. A little cheese, but we Mormons are kind of cheesy. So a story containing any has to have some in it right? The List is all about this girl (Ashley) who, after seeing her mother and sisters marry young, doesn't want to marry until she has accomplished all 25 things on her bucket list. She wants to experience freedom a little bit and have a whole bunch of fun doing it. Reading about Ashley was completely satisfying. And I recognized the spirit in the conversations she has with #17-her summer fling, as that of the sass that fits in my Hubby's and my conversations. (this is probably why my Hubby enjoys it)

Anyway, I thought that I would pass along the knowledge that The List is well worth your time to read. It's quick and enjoyable. If you have ever lived with roommates, had FHE brothers, and attended an LDS singles ward you will appreciate this book. I hope you will go read it.

It made my night. Thank you Melanie for the book. I'll probably read it many more times.

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