Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Quiet Creation in Progress

I'm not apologizing for not being here. I have been working on something that I think is going spectacularly. I am making a quiet book for my little ones. It is taking longer than I thought and my computer is currently buried under fabric and buttons and scissors and who knows what else. So, I just don't get to it. (not posting from my own computer)

You don't get to see any pictures yet. (mostly because I haven't taken any) But you will when it's all finished. I'm really excited. I designed it myself and am pretty proud of it. Hopefully it will be finished in a couple of days. They are harder to create than I originally thought.

Sorry, you have to wait in suspense. But it will be worth the wait. I promise.


Em said...

I wish I had the discipline to make one!

Mike and Jessie Leavitt said...

I'm really excited to see this! It sounds like a perfect gift idea for your future nieces/nephews ;) ;) ;)


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