Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Questions

It's Easter already! I can't believe it. I feel like this year is flying right by. There isn't even time for me to think about doing some fun things with my Sweet Pea for all my favorite holidays. I did want to do something fun for Easter.

She already has her "ba" (basket) she has been carrying around all week long. So, I'm thinking it wont be too hard to get her to pick up filled eggs and put them inside. I'm not quite sure what to fill the eggs with. She can't eat dairy so that means NO regular chocolate. I don't really want her to eat a bunch of candy. Not enough teeth yet.

Any ideas?


JJ said...

Put Cheerios or Fruit Loops in the eggs.

Mom said...

This would be hard for the eggs, but one year my mom was struggling with money (every year!) so she made jello eggs. We loved them and they became a family tradition.

Alicia said...

Here's a link I found. Hope it helps a bit


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