Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Cards from Relief Society

Now I know that I should be appreciative of these woment who are trying their best to help me feel "included;" however, when I recieve a Birthday card in the mail(deposited illegally because it had no addresses and no postage) that is 2 months late and is addressed to me by my First Middle and Last names it causes the opposite reaction for me. No one who is REALLY my friend addresses me by my full name. and the card said Hello on the front. It's homemade-print happy birthday on it!

Okay, okay. I know they wanted to send me best wishes and let me know that I am not forgotten. I know. It just gets to me.

2 months late. If it's ever that far gone, don't bother. I am fine without the generic card from Relief Society.

Okay. I can breathe.


Mer said...

Good grief. Couldn't they have just caught you at church one week and said "Hey, I'm a spaz and just found the birthday card we were going to send you two months ago. By the way, my name is X.I'm soooo embarrassed!" and laughed it off rather than doing some sneaky covert birthday card drop?

I get very very very grouchy when people illegally drop things in mailboxes. It's a felony for a reason, folks.

Phannie said...

I know. I know


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