Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dooms Day talks for the Apostles

I was in the "Happy Valley" this weekend and was able to attend a stake conference at the provo tabernacle. Elder L. Tom Perry was the key note speaker and I was sure glad he was. He is a funny man.

He started by telling us that General Conference starts this next Tuesday for him and the rest of the General Authorities. Because they have to have their talks turned in by then so that they can be interpreted on time for conference. He was talking about how they don't ever get assigned a topic and that they all hope to be one of the first speakers. None of the speakers want to be last because the other speakers have already "stolen" their thunder.

Elder Perry said that this was his 75th General Conference to speak in and that it was his "dooms-day talk." He is the dreaded LAST speaker before President Monson makes his closing remarks for the conference.

I thought that it was pretty funny to hear that the apostles worry about talking last and being shafted with topics.


Mer said...


I am fighting the mental image of Henry Eyring turning to L. Tom Perry and saying:

"Man, you totally got shafted on the topics."

Phannie said...

Yeah I laughed pretty hard when he said it.


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