Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Know You are a Mommy When. . .

-you worry even when they can't move yet.

-you change 15 diapers in a day and don't notice the smell

-you have a little one start to throw up and you turn their projectile vomit toward yourself and it hits you in the face. (good thing I closed my mouth quickly)

-you don't immediately feel the need to remove your vomiticious clothing

-your sleep time, meal time, and pee time all revolve around the little ones schedule

-you praise the little one for burping in your face and letting out that adult size fart.

-you start to talk to Daddy through the Baby

-you dream about feedings and changing diapers


Mrs. B. Roth said...

Vomiticious is a great word ... sometimes we refer to it as "mommy perfume". I'd always laugh when my husband would get a little spit up on him and run off to change .. I'd think, "wow, if I changed everytime ...." then I'd be too tired to complete the thought.

the fellers said...

ok, I LOVE the one about talking to Daddy through true!

Swamp Boy said...

I called her on the talk-to-daddy-through-baby while sitting right next to her and she just innocently smiled, like, what's the problem?


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