Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Mommy Question. . .

It's been two weeks. Sweet Pea is here and filling my days and nights. Mostly feedings and sleep, but that means me sleeping too. It's been a fun two weeks so far.

Although, we have had to avoid Daddy for the last five days. He was just too sick to come close to me or my little one. We didn't want to get sick. (no one wants a two week old to have strep throat, right?) It's killing Daddy not to be able to play with his precious little girl, but he will get plenty of playing time as soon as he is better.

The Breast Feeding has come along pretty well. I did have a question for you. I know that you can get chapped, cracked and sore from breast feeding, but what I wanted to know was have any of you ever gotten sores? These are more painful than the cracking, I think.

What did you do? Any relief?

(I promise I will get pics up soon, I'm just not near my camera)


Mrs. B. Roth said...

Not pics of the sores, I hope, that'd be ... yeah.

I got sores when the first wasn't latched on far enough and was essentially sucking just the nipple. The solution is shove that sucker in the mouth further and I swear by any kind of lanolin stuff ... there is Lansinoh but the pharmacist can give you a tube of stuff for half the price if you ask them.

Hurts every time you feed 'em ... I hated the first month of breastfeeding.

Good luck sugar bump!

Mer said...

If you have sores, you should go see a lactation specialist ASAP. It means that yes, you need some kind of lubricant like lansinoh, but you may also need some sort of antibiotic ointment so you don't get infected. You may also need some help getting her to latch on a little better so you don't get such painful sores. Sometimes, a breast shield can help while you let the sores heal.

Yeah -- get thee to a lactation specialist. Might as well get help now than wait. Most pediatricians have a lactation specialist on call now. Make sure it's someone who is actually a lactation specialist and not just a nurse who took a weekend course and got a certificate. Your OB's office can either refer you or has someone on call, too. And they can usually see you QUICKLY.

I'm sorry you're sore! Give the little one a smooch from me!

Tali said...

Oh i wish I could come see you guys. but I have a feeling its going to go like this for a while, where either we are sick or someone there is. we just got over strep so, no thanks. and I hope you and your little one don't get it. a speedy recovery for marshall as well. as far as the breast feeding goes. agreed with both the above comments. I tryed about every thing there was and I found they were all about the same. and that it hurt for the first 4-6 weeks for one reason or another and there was no miracle cure. only that it eased the pain. and right when I was about to quit, it got better. your both learning so give it time. oh and black tea helps to toughen the skin. I would put the tea bag in hot water, for a few secounds to soak it then put the tea bag on the nipple with a breast pad to help soak up the excess tea, (it will stain your under garments)for a while inbetween feedings. good luck. don't give up. let me know when we can come by.

Alisha said...

Hey Steph,
I used bag balm everytime in between feedings and it worked SO much better than the lanolin(or whatever it is). But you have to remember to clean it off before you feed because the baby shouldn't eat it. That's my tip.

jlake said...
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jlake said...

I agree with all the other comments. I would see a lactation consultant too just to make sure she's latching correctly. Even with my second one, it hurt for the first couple weeks. It also really hurt to take a shower because of the water hitting them, so I would put a bra on in the shower until they weren't so sore!
Don't give up...I promise it gets so much easier!
She's adorable...can't wait to see more pictures!

Kristen said...

I thought I was a nursing pro by the time baby #5 was here, but I had more problems with him than all the rest combined. I kept thinking it would get better and waited 3 months to get help from a lactation specialist. When she saw my nipple, she said, "Holy Jackson Hole!" Nice. Moral of the story: GET HELP NOW!

I love you!

Em said...

My doctor prescribed a miracle for me! I was so ready to give up after two weeks because it hurt so much! It was called Newman's Ointment and you apply it after each nursing. I couldn't believe how much it helped. I also liked that it wasn't messy at all. I had been using the lanolin from the store and it stained all my clothes, but the Newman's didn't stain anything and I still use it some days. I would call and ask your doc for that or who knows maybe they would have another suggestion. I also called when I was having trouble keeping up my milk supply and they gave me another Rx. So keep in touch with your doc or a lactation consultant, they will have good information for you!


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