Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I thought I would let ya'll know about the tests that I have taken in the last four days.

All came back normal.

This is good, except for we still don't know what is causing all of my pain. Although, the pain has calmed down a little bit. (I'm sure the ibuprofen helps)

I can feed Sweet Pea again. She was not happy with me when I couldn't feed her. Formula didn't go well the first time she couldn't eat breast milk.

And then two days later when I had to stop feeding her again, she did not want to take a bottle from me even with my breast milk in it. She would take it from someone else though. I'm just glad that I can feed her again.

I'm tired, sore, but I'm able to take care of Sweet Pea again. I just have to be careful when I move around.

Hopefully the pain will just dissipate over time. (I hope this time is sooner than later)

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