Thursday, February 18, 2010


1- Breastfeeding going WAY better. Almost never hurts. I love Newman (whoever he is).

2- Sleeping sometimes. (I should be taking a nap)

3- I did laundry today. (don't tell. I'm still not supposed to do anything)

4- I think I will do some dishes too. (shhhhhhh)

5- bladder infection. poopiness

6- I'm trying to figure out how to stay warm tomorrow. Rocky Mountain Power is shutting down the power on our whole street for maintenance. Baby must stay warm. Any ideas?


Jen (momofmandm) said...

Footed sleeper with lots of blankets. Also you can put socks on her feet under the jammies. Snuggle all day long.

kimmrs said...

Come to our house!

Lyssa said...

Hey, I don't know if you remember me from junior high or high school, but just found your blog and love it. I'm friends with your husband on facebook and just realized that you two are married, cute. Which brought me to checking your facebook picture to see if it was really you and then finding your blog on there and then reading the blog and now I feel a little bit like a stalker, so I hope you remember who I am... Anyway, I found your blog very insightful, especially about the church stuff. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way about Relief Society and fast and testimony meetings. Oh and don't give up hope on moving to a ward with a great RS someday. For me, the first place after getting married was a ward in Budapest, Hungary where the women refused to talk to me even though they knew some English. They didn't even bother learning my name they just called me David's wife (and they could have just called me sister + my last name since that was Hungarian, so no excuses on not being able to pronounce it). We moved back to the states after a year and I thought oh yay I'll get to be a good ward, nope. Was called into the some RS committee, but never told to do anything except run around town trying to find sales on food items for food storage (which by the way is a brilliant thing to ask someone who has been out of the country and has no idea what a good deal would be). This is where I had a RS President who hadn't been through the temple and had a lesson about temples, so she could find out if she really wanted to go through with it and go the the temple. That was one of the most uncomfortable meetings I've been to EVER as the comments got more and more inappropriate. Then the good part, my husband got a job in Doha, Qatar, in the Middle East. We moved and I have the best ward ever. The RS was amazing when we moved in, helping with rides around town and welcomed us with open arms. When I had my baby they were just what they should be and then more. I'm not sure if its because we are all in the same boat (everyone is from somewhere else, since Muslims can't join) or if they've figured it out. I'll admit sometimes the lessons are pretty fluffy, but there is something here that I've never gotten anywhere else. Of course I'm in the primary now, so I feel out of the loop, but I really like it here. Sorry about posting something unrelated to this post, and I'd give some advise about keeping the little one warm, but with living in the middle east I've pretty much forgotten what that's like. It was 95 degrees today. My baby just hangs out in onsies most of the time. So I guess my suggestion is, move here and you'll definitely stay warm! Sorry such a long post. If you are interested in seeing our blog it's

Lyssa Knudsen Sallay


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